SEA is a Munjoy Hill Based Organization of artists that seeks to promote awareness of East End Arts in Portland through networking & community. If you are an artist who has an active presence on the East End, we'd love to have you join SEA.
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Artist Benefits:

* Participate in the SEA sponsored Open Studios Tour & Holiday Art Sale at the East End Community School
* Be listed on the SEA members webpage with examples of your work & contact information
* Get inspiration & motivation from being a part of this hip Art community on the Hill
How SEA got started:

Colleen Bedard, glass bead artist & printmaker, & Dennis Sheehy, maker of gnome homes, planned an informal meeting at Dennis' home in the Winter of 2005 to talk about starting an arts organization on the East End. A handful of Munjoy Hill artists attended & ideas were exchanged about what artists wanted & needed from a neighborhood Arts organization. With the efforts of founding members, Colleen Bedard, Dennis Sheehy, Elizabeth Fraser, Mike Libby & Abby Sadauckas, & the input of many East End artists, the Society for East End Arts was underway. Meetings continued throughout the winter and spring of 2005 and SEA began to define its mission and build a membership base. June of 2005 marked SEA's first event, the East End Artists Open Studios Tour.

SEA now holds 2 annual events, the Open Studios Tour in July & TheSEA Holiday Sale in December, & has close to 60 members. Members enjoy website presence, social gatherings & opportunities to share & learn from one another. SEA artists continue to network & build a wonderful & thriving community on Munjoy Hill with the help of a core group of members who plan & put ideas into action.

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